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There are so many counsellors and coaches out there.


Why contact me?


I am glad you asked.


I ask powerful questions to get you reflecting, thinking and moving in the right direction.  I would call myself a knowledge translator.  I provide useful insights by translating evidence-based research into practical tools that you can access in a meaningful way.


I incorporate neuroscience with psychology, along with theories of human development to support my clients.  I integrate culturally sensitive and anti-racist lenses into my practice.  I am a masterful listener and ask thought-provoking questions that make you pause and reflect.  I challenge and push my clients, but do so in a safe and nurturing way.  And let’s be honest, if we have some fun along the way, that’s a bonus!

Most importantly, the proof is in the pudding.  I have yet to have a client tell me they didn’t get what they were looking for when they found me.  Now that’s powerful. I am not a magician, nor do I claim to have all the answers.  However, what I can promise is that you will leave my sessions feeling inspired, with a meaningful plan and hope for a better future.

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Ulrica is a passionate educator, counsellor, coach, speaker and workshop facilitator who works with parents, children, teens, adults, families and educators.  Ulrica is the founder of True Compass, an organization with a mission to support social emotional learning, provide family coaching and counselling services.  Ulrica has been trained and mentored by Jennifer Kolari in the Connected Parenting methodology and is a Connected Parenting therapist on Jennifer’s team.  Ulrica is also the Parent Coach on Staff at The Giving Tree Centre in Toronto and runs group parent coaching sessions at the Leaside Therapy Centre in Midtown.  Ulrica’s warmth and compassion set the stage for everyone to feel at ease, gain trust and be motivated to explore new perspectives. 


Ulrica has worked as a Sexual Health Educator facilitating workshops with children, adolescents and parents. Ulrica has been trained in the Centred Leadership model and obtained her MEd in Developmental Psychology and Education at OISE University of Toronto, with a specialization in Mental Health.  


Ulrica brings valuable skills, knowledge and experience to her work and incorporates many of the evidence-based research done by Dan Siegel (Interpersonal Neurobiology), Gordon Neufeld (Attachment), Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset), Gabor Mate (Trauma Informed Practices), Kristin Neff (Self-Compassion), Jon Kabat Zinn (Mindfulness), Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology), Norman Garbezy (Resilience) and Ross Greene (Collaborative and Proactive Solutions), Terry Real (Relational Life Therapy), Susan David (Emotional Agility), and Brené Brown (Shame, Vulnerability, Courage, Connection) into her practice.  Ulrica has trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Relational Therapy and Relational Life Therapy. 


Through Ulrica’s coaching and counselling, clients will be encouraged to celebrate their successes while embracing the messiness of life.  Clients who work with Ulrica will leave their sessions and workshops with confidence and practical solutions to learn, grow and thrive as a human.   Ulrica lives in Toronto with her partner, Dan, and her daughter, Caia.  

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