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Child, Adolescent & Family Counselling

I am a child, adolescent and family counsellor who works with individuals and families at all ages and stages.

Counselling can help children and adolescents to understand how their thoughts, beliefs and experiences are related to, and influence their emotions and behaviours.  

The focus of family counselling is to improve family functioning as a whole, help facilitate healthy communication between family members and develop skills to support emotions for oneself and others within the family.   

I provide a safe and supportive space for children, adolescents and families to explore these concepts.  I help my clients identify clearly defined goals and learn new skills and strategies to meet these goals, using evidence based methods.  

Together we will explore and learn about thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours.  We will work through challenges, reflect upon memories and experiences, learn to identify triggers and opportunities for growth to better understand behaviour.  

People seek counselling for many reasons. 

Counselling for children and adolescents can be effective to help deal with the various struggles inevitable to growing up, as well as dealing with a new diagnosis or specific challenge.  I help individuals and families break unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving, and rewire their thought patterns leading to more productive and healthier outcomes.  Some examples of issues include but are not limited to:  anxiety, depression, school refusal, bullying, trauma, anger management, emotion regulation, self-esteem, social skills, giftedness, parent-child conflict, grief, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder

I cannot provide psychological assessments or official diagnoses.  If during our conversations I feel that you or a family member may need a service outside of my area of expertise, I will encourage you to seek help from a qualified professional in your area.

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