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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is focused on helping you become the parent you want to be for your child/children.  

My role is to provide education, support, and encouragement as you begin to implement new strategies and techniques in your home.

While my background as a mental health therapist, child & family counsellor, and positive and conscious parenting coach provide me with expertise in this area, you are the expert on your child.  We will work as a team to find the solutions that work for you and your family.

Parent Coaching is focused on helping you gain confidence, grow into the parent you want to be, and build a meaningful relationship with your child.  It also provides an opportunity to reflect on your own childhood and how you were parented.  Often times there are patterns that are repeated:  both conscious and unconscious.  Becoming aware of these patterns is critically important. 

Some people seek Parent Coaching for a specific reason, while others want to work on their parenting in general.  Some common themes are learning how to yell less, connect more, feel less stressed and learn to be more calm, particularly in trigger moments or highly stressful interactions.  Learning ways to support your child/children with various challenges such as anxiety, depression, motivation, learning difficulties, sensitivities, social and emotional skills is also a big part of the work I do.

As you learn about yourself and your kids, reflect on your past, observe your interactions, and be open to making changes, you will see a whole new path emerge.  My Parent Coaching sessions are designed for caregivers with little humans of all ages, starting as early as when your baby is still in utero.

As a Parent Coach, I cannot provide psychological assessments or official diagnoses. If during our conversations I feel that you, your spouse/partner or child may need a service outside of my area of expertise, I will encourage you to seek help from a qualified professional in your area.

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