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Mother and Daughter Love

Examples of Workshops

Please note that any presentations can be customized to suit your audience.

  • The Importance of Connection and How To Build a Meaningful Relationship With Your Child

  • Connected Parenting 101

  • Taking A Deeper Dive into Connected Parenting

  • What does Positive Discipline, Connected Parenting and Conscious Parenting all have in common?

  • Compassionate Discipline vs. Punishment

  • Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child

  • Behaviour isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom of the problem.

  • Big Brain! Let’s learn about the Prefrontal Cortex – the CEO.

  • Navigating Parental Stress – it’s not just about self-care!

  • Tackling the Top Five Issues Facing Parents & Toddlers/Children: Tantrums, Power Struggles, Morning Routine, Bedtime Routine, Transitions

  • Tackling the Top Five Issues Facing Parents & Teenagers: Technology, Lack of Motivation, Disrespect, Lying, Letting Go

  • Impact of Technology on Children & Youth and What You Can Do

  • Mental Health First Aid for Parents

  • Mental Health First Aid for Educators

  • Mental Health 101 - What are the Most Common Concerns and How Do You Recognize the Signs and Symptoms?

  • How Do We Best Support Children and Youth with their Mental Health Needs?

  • Anxiety - the #1 Most Common Mental Health Concern - How To Help Your Child Deal With Feelings of Anxiety

  • News Flash: Emotional Well Being Can Be Learned Through Practice

  • Cultivating Resiliency in Children

  • Healthy Brains and Healthy Bodies – Talking About Relationships, Consent & Sex

  • What Does Self-Compassion Really Mean?

  • The Science of Emotions

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